NetoTrade Review

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NetoTrade is one of the most popular Online Forex Brokers. The company has earned a good reputation for quality and reliability. The website is attractive and easy to navigate, even if you have not had previous Forex trading experience.

NetoTrade has a user friendly website that is easy for even beginning traders to use, and it is known for excellent customer service. New traders can start an account with NetoTrade in just a few minutes; there is no cost associated with opening an account.

NetoTrade offers:

  • $250 minimum deposit for new accounts
  • 85 percent payouts
  • Up to 400:1 leverages
  • Tight Forex spreads
  • Live customer support
  • Mobile app


When traders enter their personal and financial information online, one of their biggest concerns is security. NetoTrade's website is secure, and the company guarantees a high level of information safeguarding for all members.

NetoTrade only works with reputable banking institutions like HSBC. The company submits financial statements to a neutral accounting firm each month to ensure vigilant  handling of funds. In addition, independent audits of all of NetoTrade's finances are performed on a regular basis.


Account Types

Traders have numerous account options when they choose NetoTrade. All accounts have favorable spreads, and traders enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose an account that meets their needs and their budget.

The Mini Account is a great choice for beginning traders since it is for accounts with deposits of $250 to 2$5000. The minimum deal size for this account is $1000, and it offers a 400:1 leverage.

Deposits of $5000 to $10000 receive Gold Accounts. These are NetoTrade's most popular accounts, and they offer a long list of trading tools. Knowledgeable assistance is available to help traders be their best.

A Platinum Account is available for those who deposit $10000 to $25000. These high level accounts receive special service and attention from NetoTrade. Traders enjoy tight spreads and leverages, VIP trading signals and a VIP account manager, in addition to other perks.

The last account type offered by NetoTrade is the ECN Account. Professional traders will appreciate the opportunity to trade with instant trade execution and low spreads. These are the same trading conditions that are used by international banks around the world.

Helpful Tools

Whether you are a new trader or an experienced trader who has been trading for decades, NetoTrade has tools that can help you become a better trader.

One of the best tools for new traders is the option to use a demo account. These risk free accounts allow traders to experience the thrill of trading without risking a single dime. With a demo account, a new trader can learn the ins and outs of trading. Demo accounts are especially helpful for hands-on learners.

NetoTrade has also developed informative video tutorials for new traders. These short videos do not take long to watch, and they are easy to understand. The videos walk new traders through every step of opening an account and completing trades.

All of the tools and information at NetoTrade are available at absolutely no charge.


NetoTrade rewards its loyal customers for their favorable recommendations. When a current trader refers a friend, they can receive up to a $500 trading bonus for each friend who joins NetoTrade. If the friend deposits $500 to $2500, they receive $250, and if the friend deposits over $2500, the referral bonus climbs to $500. This is one of the most generous bonuses among online Forex brokers.

Customer Support

Perhaps NetoTrade's strongest feature is its top notch customer support. When traders need help, they can find it quickly at NetoTrade. Support is available via phone, fax or e-mail. For quick answers, traders can utilize the website's online chat feature to chat instantly with an expert.

Traders love knowing that they can receive knowledgeable advice and assistance in just a few seconds. NetoTrade consistently receives high rankings for its customer support, and the company is committed to providing excellent service for all traders.
NetoTrade also maintains a strong presence on social media. Customers can connect with NetoTrade on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

There are many different online Forex brokers available, but NetoTrade is consistently ranked among the best. The company is an especially good option for traders who are new to Forex trading because of its wide range of tutorials and other informative features.
When traders are trying to choose the right broker, they want to know that they will be able to find help quickly when they need it. NetoTrade provides an excellent combination of reliable and easy to use trading tools and attentive customer service.


After I retired from my full-time job, I wanted to be able to make some extra money from home to support my travels. NetoTrade has made all of my retirement dreams come true by offering an excellent way for me to make money from the comfort of my home by trading and investing.

Charles Morgan
                          Winterslow, Wiltshire, UK

I love participating in online trading,

and I have tried out over 10 online brokers over the last several years. Once I found NetoTrade, I stopped my search because the company offers a user-friendly interface, reasonable trading fees and a wide variety of helpful and informative training materials.


                             Omar Abdallah      
               Nasseriya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Since I do not have a professional or educational background in finance, I never thought that I would be able to become a successful trader. Thanks to NetoTrade,
I have learned so much about Forex trading, and I appreciate how easy and convenient it is to use the NetoTrade website.

                                    Meera Kocchar
                            Rohini, New Delhi, India

My wife and I have both been trading with NetoTrade for over a year. We have different trading strategies, and NetoTrade works well for both of us because the website is so well-designed and user friendly.
                                                                                             Julie & Christopher
                                                               Havant, Hampshire, UK

Every time I make a trade on NetoTrade,
I know that my personal and financial information are secure. In addition, the live customer support offered by NetoTrade is the best that I have found among Internet Forex brokers.

Holly Purnell
                   Fulwood, Lancashire, UK

Last year, one of my business colleagues recommended NetoTrade to me, but I will admit that I was skeptical of this online Forex broker at first. NetoTrade has exceeded my expectations by offering top notch customer support, great trading advice and a wide range of investing services.

Robbie Milner
                                                         Horfield, City of Bristol, UK